Fried Bananas!

les filles & friends

Hello friends!

We’re coming at you from the vast land of Canada.

We created this blog so we can share with you the awesomeness of the world and some thoughts and feelings of our own. So don’t be afraid to share some of  yours too.

Later days!

Michaela & Jynessa

Let’s introduce our partner-in-crime:

coolcontributeWe like to call him Wally, but he’s more commonly known as Paul. He’s helping us share the awesomeness of the world with you. Cheers.


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OH heey you guys !
Im in the land of the red leaf as well ( as you alredy know )
well Canada. as most prefer to call it.

This is amazing.
A bunch of grouped letters into words.
from words to sentences.
and from sentences to blogs !

I love the simple idea of it.

love the picture 😉
You should make like a photo galery.
hurraay ! for photo galeries !

Keep this going.
You’ve got something here.

Make love not war !



Comment by Brenda

oh laa, we should defs blog about
Brenda villafuerte!
thanks for the comment!


Comment by friedbananas

you guys got a sick tingg goin on here.

Comment by Donawho

hey indie children.
you and your blogz

love marshy

Comment by marshymarsh!

I love your site. Keep it up !

Comment by knowledgetoday

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