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RAA nostalgia
March 18, 2010, 8:55 am
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This was Tuesday night. Your shall receive the concrete version the next time I see you again.

Dear Jynessa,

I am in Providence, Island. It is currently 3:22 in the morning. I am terribly nostalgic because I am listening to RAA. I cant fucking sleep. I am writing you this letter because I cant’ stop thinking about all of us- growin up and changin. I also watched a brutal movie that was showing in a beautiful theatre called AVON- very historical even more beautiful than Carlton. I’m sorry I didn’t reply to your message about BSS. I was terribly stressed that night. I miss our old times. We’ve all marched on like shithead kids. The air is becoming unbearable tonight. This place is a mix between New York and San Fran. This city is a gem. It’s the cutest. New England houses are so cute. Hey, Emma Watson goes to Brown University here. I think that’s the school I want to go to for Enviro Studies. The future is a scary place. I am starving right now. I had a delicious Cafe Mocha today but I’m in a slight predicament. OH FUCK. I wrote on the front of my cousin’s sketchbook. I’m an idiot, a sleep deprived idiot. Caffeine has a really effect on me. I don’t think that’s every going to change. I miss us terribly, but I am learning to accept the way things are. I hope you go to Paris, I wish I was going with. I feel sorry for my cousin, I hope she is not disturbed by my shinanigans. The air is on. It is NOT cheesy, I defs still think so. My plane ride here was really scary. The cafes here are so quaint. They have farm co-ops eek. There are lots of funky Djs! Countless of them. I think that this might be my new home. It might be God’s Providence. I know you don’t believe in that but whateves you know me.  3:36 Am sleep all days is on.

I’m still hungry.

So. I must’ve used terribly 3 times in there. Sorry about that.


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