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June 28, 2009, 5:45 pm
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Wow it has been quite a while since we’ve updated. It seems that our views are starting to succumb to nothingness so its high time I blog about something.

So it’s finally SUMMER! The sun has just come out after a day of tears from the clouds so I felt that putting a flower in my hair would be appropriate. As a result, it inspired me to write an entry.

Events so far?

Hm. Well we all know that Michael Jackson- the uber all-around entertainer- no one can compare to artist has passed away. I have to be honest, I am guilty of putting down the come back tour because it seemed to be like a plot to get some money. It saddens me that his death was the only way I realized how much of a true artist he really was. I definitely admired him before and enjoyed his music but now I have an even bigger appreciation for him. I guess that’s life huh. Oh but there’s also that part of me that thinks it’s all a big fake just because hes Michael Jackson. I have a whole scenario in my head where the media one day will announce that the joke’s on all of us- that he’s only doing this to see how people would react if his demise was to occur. I’M STILL WAITING.

On another note, I think summer vacation has already started for me. For a while I didn’t feel like it’s started just because nothing exciting enough or interesting enough has happened. I don’t really remember what triggered this notion but it doesn’t really matter. I’ve been doing a lot of gardening lately and I’m really enjoying it.  I’m starting to become more and more like my mother, not that that’s a bad thing but it’s just amusing and I guess inevitable. I’ve also been reading Side Effects by Woody Allen. It’s so comical yet so meaningful- I LOVE IT.

Tata for now!



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