Fried Bananas!

I have mad love for you
January 11, 2009, 10:10 pm
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In the spirit of watching The Wackness and seeing as we totally loved that movie I would like to list all the Dopeness of life.

gentle rain.sweet cheeks.fluffy pillows.cozy cafes.suave teas.street movement.chocolate.tangible friends.fried bananas.untouched breeze.the beating in your stomach.birds chirping.the sun shining.leaves rustling.dim tea ice cream.summer skin.rainbows

Obviously there is no way for me to write it all down now. Please feel free to add any I’ve missed. I definitely will.

Love and peace to all!

Btw. I never realized how much I really really love


Please do listen to them. They are absolutely beautiful!


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wow i also LOVE LOV LOVE forest city lovers and I am so pumped that you know about them! everyone shuld

Comment by forestcitylovers

Hi there, sorry my friend posted that last comment because he was still logged in on our computer! Feel free to delete that! He’s just being silly (in a nice way I guess)

(the real) Forest City Lovers

Comment by forestcitylovers

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