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pitter patter goes my heart
December 19, 2008, 2:39 pm
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“I feel like shit.”

-Every Teenager in the World

When a human eats, you see the greed. All that matters in that moment is to continually shove down their throat as much food as possible until their stomach is comforted. Then all that greed, suddenly the body doesn’t want it anymore. So it breaks it down into little pieces of waste that get shoved into a dark area called the bowels. But even that dark little place isn’t accepting of the little pieces of nothing that we, the humans, wanted so much initially. So they move. And all of that bodily waste is released from what we like to call your ass. The rejection is complete when we flush it down the toilet and it’s brought to the land of nowhere.

So when you say you feel like shit, you’re actually saying that you feel like a rejected , worthless token of greed that is discharged from someone’s ass.

Tell me, is that the epitome of low?


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Oh wow, that’s quite the unique and elaborate way of saying it.

Comment by Patrick

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