Fried Bananas!

it’s time that we grow old & do some shit
December 17, 2008, 5:39 pm
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I love

tea. banana nut muffins. open minds. bow ties. rainbow shoelaces. mismatched socks. peppermint hot chocolate. watches that don’t tell time. sweet cheeks. nerdfighters. noodle wok. chopsticks. dinosaurs. cyclopes. moustaches. titles that have nothing to do with the topic. airports. looking  out the window. travel books. tomato cheese sandwiches. hearts that spill out. emo corners. letters. wishing bracelets. strawberry the nudist. milkshakes. rice pudding. apple cider vinegar. awkward.

I hate

hair. cold hands. judgmental asswipes. headaches. las vegas. school. suburbia. tna. feet. teenagers. kegger pictures. complication. chapped lips. decision making. competition. the green eyed monster. itchy sweaters. taunt. pressure. grey winter afternoons. canada. playing guessing games. self esteem. the doctor’s office. screaming in order to be heard. ignorance. crushes. arrogance. highschool. being laughed at. awkward.


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