Fried Bananas!

November 18, 2008, 5:17 pm
Filed under: intangibles

I hate being home alone. Well on school days. I am sitting here, eating an apple. I FEEL BLAH. For some reason I keep getting sick. It’s probably the drafty school, the very germy subways and the booger blackening city air. Well regardless of that, I am quite excited for Christmas in the city. Hopefully this year, I’ll be well enough to witness the Christmas consumerism. The weather is becoming wintery and the double socks with canvas shoes is not enough anymore. Haaaaa, Summer seems so far away. I find myself looking out the window of my classroom thinking “What the hell have I done with my time?” “Where are the leaves?” Oh how the cycle of time boggles my mind.

Let’s see.

Oh yeah just in case your also feeling under the weather and your throat is scratchy, try making a super light green tea, squeezing some lime or lemons and adding some honey. It helps,its basically what’s getting me through. Oh and if you have an uber stuffed nose, try some cinnamon tea.


the sniffly small asian chick.


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