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weekend in the city


If you’re going to be in the city this weekend, you might want to catch a film held by the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Fest. Animated, short films, documentaries, etc. will be screening at various venues downtown. Featuring filmmakers from all over, it’ll be worth checking out.


On Sunday, oversized reindeer and sleighs will be parading through the streets of Toronto for the Annual Santa Claus Parade.  Personally, I’ve never been, but parades are always exciting. Let your inner child sparkle (or fizzle).


So I wasn’t going to mention this, but since it’s a big deal to the billions of Mrs Edward Cullens out there, let’s talk Twilight. Fans of the books are highly anticipating the release of the first film next week. So when Much Music announced that the cast will be doing a meet-and-greet on Queen this Saturday, I think 80% of the female teen population in the GTA died and went to heaven. If  being surrounded by massive amounts of screaming fangirls (and high estrogen levels) is your thing, the Much Music studio is the place to be on Saturday evening. *cough*

Have a happy weekend 🙂


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heyy i was at the opening night for Toronto Reel Asian IFF! “the drummer” its pretty cool! too bad they didnt get detroit metal city!!! ^^

Comment by john p

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