Fried Bananas!

As Autumn falls upon us…
October 12, 2008, 12:26 am
Filed under: fo-toes, intangibles

Oh how nice it is to get away from downtown for a change. Took a little hike, snapped some shots, inhaled some FRESH air, meditated, listened to the leaves rustle, watched them gracefully float to the ground, laid under trees while listening to Rural Alberta Advantage, etc. I should do this more often. Hm, what a beautiful day. Oh wait, I forgot to mention the part where my father got lost and I sorta freaked out. Yikes.

Happy Thanksgiving fellow human beings!

Eat up, bon a appetit!

p.s look at the 3rd photo, doesn’t it look like a hand? I officially think that all of nature are art works.


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What camera did you use? These are some nice shots. 😮

Plus, yeah, 3rd one looks like a (slightly weirdish, with elongated fingers) hand

Comment by Patrick

aha I used my cousin’s amazing 7.2 Kodak digital camera. That thing is the bomb!

yeah exactly right, kinda creepy looking.

Comment by friedbananas

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