Fried Bananas!

Oh summer’s almost over and again it’s time to ponder…
September 1, 2008, 10:38 pm
Filed under: intangibles

What’s the deal with freaking about school anyway? It’s funny how it’s seems like such a big change every year. If you think about it, you’ve practically been doing it all your life. I guess it’s the two deceiving  months  that trick you into thinking that it’ll never let go or pass away then oh it’s all over. Another ten months yet again, of hustle and bustle and confusion beyond control.

What’s do you call that again? Oh wait, life perhaps?

Time to bury the past and start again.

I wonder what the future holds…


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i must be really lame to comment on our own blog, but maaaang michaela! what a beautiful thing to say. 🙂 cheers -jaynessah

Comment by friedbananas

i love how you guys commentd on your own blog.
but man the was like poetic abundance man/
sweet stuff 😉

Comment by Megggg.delima

like honestly july and august mess you up </3

Comment by Cezil

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