Fried Bananas!

to the fellow..and potential tea drinkers
August 30, 2008, 2:16 am
Filed under: tongue teasers

Satisfaction guaranteed, indeed. First I’d like to thank my mother for seeing it and picking it up. Sorry about the not-so-clear image. Presenting… Goji berry green tea, avec MATCHA!

Found at your local Bulk Barn and etc for a not too shabby price, its a fruity sensation with benefits!

Goji berries are red raisin-like things loaded with vitamin c and betacarotine, apparently  more than carrots.  Then Matcha, finely ground green tea leaves used in Japanese tea ceremonies. It contains L-theanine which based on research, increases alpha wave activities in the brain that causes it to create a feeling of relaxation. Cool right?

So find a comfy seat , maybe crack a book and indulge in a cup of Goji goodness!


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